Why Eighty Eight Steps

Why Eighty Eight Steps

Let us introduce you to the world of classic and elegant shoes, which depicts class and comfort. From classics like Oxford and Patent leather shoes to distinctive formal shoes, like Broque, Crocodile-textured, and Slip-on, we have it all.

Shoe Quality

Not all types of leather shoes live up to their names. Many times it has occurred that the leather quality is not up to the standard. This reduction in the leather standard causes a reduction in shoe quality. Eighty Eight Steps provide you with the best quality of leather shoes. Comfort and class are part of the shoes provided by Eighty Eight Steps. We provide you these leather shoes not only with upper leather lining but also with pure leather sole. The leather shoes are also available with a range of leathers. This leather ranges from calf, cow-hide, and ostrich leather.
There are uncountable brands that provide gentlemen with leather shoes. Eighty Eight Steps have made these formal shoes available at a very cheap price.

Walking the trail-track of Success

For years, Eighty Eight Steps have used advanced technology for shoe manufacturing. Eighty Eight Steps have taken to social media for an easy approach.
Eighty Eight Steps have provided many countries with these cheap leather shoes. Through technological innovation and steadfast dedication, Eighty Eight Steps have changed the way people look at buying leather shoes.


1. Free replacement in case of size issue. ( if done in five days’ time and unused)
2. Full Refund Facility (unused and if returned in five working days’ time)